Our Philosophy and Mission

Our philosophy

Canada’s economy is growing, but many businesses and organizations face labor shortages. According to the Aboriginal Economic Development Board, Canada is missing out on opportunities due to its “underutilized” indigenous workforce. The inclusion of Indigenous workers in the Canadian workforce will benefit everyone.

We believe that Indigenous citizens will make up a large part of Canada’s future labor force since they are among the youngest and fastest-growing demographics in the country. There is already a significant labor shortage in many industries, including resource extraction, infrastructure, housing, and tourism.

The main purpose of Indigenous Hire is to provide an online job bank available to all Ingenious Job Seekers

Our mission
We are providing employment opportunities to Indigenous People.

Our company’s mission is to provide jobs to indigenous people by creating innovative, integrated, and singular platforms that offer long-term relationships with employers. Talented indigenous people are waiting for the right opportunity, and we want to help them contribute their skills and dedication to their potential employers. Indigenous Hire will probably cover these gaps by surveying and providing the client with the most productive, committed worker.

We believe that if Canada's Indigenous workforce is developed properly, it will contribute to the nation’s future labor force’s growth. Our mission is to provide quality information to Indigenous Canadians about the job market to become more successful.