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Our integrated network allows users to post job advertisements across all three platforms, Canadian Youth Hire, Indigenous Hire, and Newcomer Hire, with just a single submission.

Why Choose Our Network?

  • Efficiency: Post job ads automatically across three targeted platforms with a single submission.
  • Reach: Access specific segments of the Canadian workforce, tapping into a variety of talent.
  • Simplicity: A unified and user-friendly interface that simplifies your recruitment process.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can leverage this network for your hiring needs. Our team is ready to assist you in making the recruitment process more streamlined and efficient. If you are looking to browse jobs on our site click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most common questions about our platform. If you haven’t found the question you were looking for feel free to contact us via our email: support@indigenoushire.ca

Q&A: How do you reach Indigenous candidates?

Employers can reach a broader range of applicants by using our portal to find Indigenous candidates. Indigenous Hire is a job board that attracts thousands of indigenous candidates, where employers approach them, review their applications, and hire them if they find them qualified.

Q&A: What do we offer to Indigenous candidates?

Candidates from indigenous backgrounds are welcome to apply for any of our positions. Job details are available on the website, and applicants can apply for the preferred position. To overcome racial bias, we tailor our recruitment strategies to indigenous candidates.

Q&A: What categories of jobs do we offer to Indigenous job seekers?

Indigenous Hire offers rewarding employment opportunities to indigenous people in various fields, such as accounting, automotive, engineering, architecture, food and beverage, grocery, health & beauty, hotels, hospitality & tourism, industrial, restaurant, retail, and more. Indigenous job seekers can find job listings as freelancers, part-timers, full- timers, or even temporary workers.

Q&A: What is the recruitment process?

A job seeker will sign up before applying for a job. He will enter the services he can provide based on his expertise. After that, he will choose the most convenient location based on where he lives in Canada. The Indigenous candidates will post their cover letters based on their expertise and job requirements. Cover letters will determine whether a recruiter appoints an applicant.

Recruiters will review the candidate’s application. Then he will employ one whose resume is attractive enough to impress him.

Q&A: Is Indigenous Hire suitable for you?

Yes, the Indigenous Hire job portal is suitable for you as an employee and an employer. The company has assisted indigenous candidates with hiring needs for over a decade. As an employer, you can take advantage of our affordable prices and great value and find suitable indigenous candidates for your position.

Q&A: Is Indigenous Hire safe to use?

Our website provides a secure job portal for newcomers. It does not collect any personal information about job seekers. Safe credit card links or PayPal process all employer payments. The information associated with credit cards is received directly from PayPal, so it never reaches our servers.

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