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Why Indigenous Hire is the website platform where the Indigenous jobseekers can benefit from employment opportunities.

It is a national platform that connects employers in every Province and Territory with prospective candidates. Our system is user friendly and allows candidates to apply for multiple jobs quickly and efficiently.

‘Indigenous peoples’ is a collective name for the natives of North America and their descendants. Often, ‘Aboriginal peoples’ term is also used. The Canadian Constitution recognizes three groups of Aboriginal peoples: Indians (more commonly referred to as First Nations), Inuit and Métis. These are three distinct peoples with unique histories, languages, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs.


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Training and professional development

Aboriginal Employment and Initiatives Program was formed in 2001 to address the academic and administrative needs of Indigenous citizens who are academics and learners at Athabasca University.  They have worked towards the respectful inclusion of Indigenous research by and about First Nations, Metis and Inuit people. Their main goal is the acknowledgment and development of traditional Indigenous knowledge in the academy and to support, protect and preserve Indigenous Knowledge, Education and oral traditions –

The Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program is designed to help Indigenous people improve their skills and find employment –

Indigenous Awareness Canada offers Online Indigenous Awareness Training and facilitates in-person workshops. Their mission is to assist everyone in learning about Canada’s Indigenous People and to help non-indigenous Canadians and Indigenous peoples move toward reconciliation –

The advantage of
hiring Indigenous employees

More than 1.67 million people in Canada identify themselves as an Aboriginal person, according to the 2016 Census. Aboriginal peoples are:

Recent Jobs

  • COOK

    • Full Time
    • Posted 5 months ago
  • Food service supervisor – Noir Food Services o/a Nineteen 05 Kitchen & Raw Bar

    Noir Food Services o/a Nineteen 05 Kitchen & Raw Bar
    • Full Time
    • Posted 5 months ago
  • Baker- Paul’s Bakery Ltd

    Paul's Bakery Ltd.
    • Full Time
    • Posted 6 months ago
  • Cook- Chances Prince Rupert

    Chances Prince Rupert
    • Full Time
    • Posted 6 months ago
  • Baker (NOC 6332)- True Grain Bread Ltd

    True Grain Bread Ltd
    • Full Time
    • Posted 6 months ago
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